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4MNT is a US-based consultancy on macroeconomic policy analysis, macroeconomic modeling, economic development, applied econometrics…

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The firm provides services to enhance macroeconomic framework, budget preparation and implementation, monetary policy, and national…

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About The Company

4MNT focuses on supporting countries to achieve low and stable inflation, adequate domestic and external financial resources to finance much-needed infrastructure, and broad-based economic growth and development. The coverage and deep understanding of global and regional economic developments and outlook constitute the main pillar of the company’s economic policy and management consulting. Relying on our founder and CEO’s expertise and the network of experts, 4MNT offers a variety of products and services to meet clients’ needs and expectations. 4MNT provides governments with the conceptual framework and empirical analysis to navigate the intersection of global developments and domestic economic policy.  We assist governments to effectively design, communicate, and implement economic policy.

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