Areas of Expertise:

4MNT works in the following areas: 

Macroeconomic Policy Analysis and Modeling

Macro Fiscal Forecasting and Management

International Trade and Competitiveness

Monetary and financial sector-related issues

Subnational Tax and Expenditure Assignments

Infrastructure (Public Investment, PPPs)

Public Financial Management

Debt Management

Expenditure Policy

Revenue Mobilization through Tax Policy and Administration


The firm provides services to enhance macroeconomic framework, budget preparation and implementation, monetary policy, and national development plans.


The firm conducts research on macroeconomic, public finance, monetary policy, international trade and finance issues.


The firm offers support to countries in their engagements with international financial institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank. These include services to ensure effective design and implementation of programs, projects, and technical assistance.

Network of Experts:

The company collaborates with its strategic partners in the United States, United Kingdom, and African countries to deliver on relevant assignments and projects. 4MNT has access to a remarkable network of experts, including consulting companies and academia. We leverage these contacts to meet the needs of our clients.